Season of the Witch

The World’s Greatest Actor ™ is back!  Yes Lord Nicholas of Cage continues his relentless battle against the evils of unemployment to ensure that he can afford that really kick ass castle when he finally retires.

Joining him is Ron Perlman (Hell Boy, Chronos, The Name of the Rose) and Christopher Lee (Howling part 3, Police Academy 6) in a movie that may possibly (and I say this with fear that the lord may hear) go straight to DVD.

Behold mortals – The Season of the Witch:

3 Responses to “Season of the Witch”

  1. I think the Actress playing the Witch looks pretty cool! 😛 Do love a good Witch Film 😉 shame its not quite along the lines of realism as portrayed in “The Crucible.” 🙂

  2. Would you rather something with more of a bite Mr O’Brien?

  3. Look, I had all the best intentions of posting a comment about Cage’s Witch thingy. Now that video’s above this, I’ve lost all train of thought.

    Damn you Count. Damn you.

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