The House Bunny

My fears are being realised. Anna Faris may never appear on screen as a brunette again. Even more concerning is her threatening line-up of features including Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and Yogi Bear (doing voices for both, guaranteeing a non-brunette appearance other than as an animal… Win?). Anyhow, this is irrelevant in a film review.


The House Bunny ticks most of the boxes for a generic semi-romantic comedy, which are both its charm and its flaw. At no point does the film attempt anything different or new. Instead it sticks to a tried, tested and often tired formula, never pushing any boundaries. But then why should it? It’s not a film that can be easily misunderstood.

The storyline is worryingly close to that of numerous similar chick-flicks, but none more so than Clueless. Yet in its laziness The House Bunny has a certain charm about it that makes it so easy to forgive its flaws.

There’s no gross-out comedy here, and the only slightly tarnishing element is its clumsy message that it’s what’s on the inside that counts… but it sure helps if you can look a little bit sexy too.

I am unsure if Anna Faris is either suited to these roles, or these roles are suited to her. Either way, she brings enough character and personality to them that always make her a very watchable actress, and this is no exception.

A sturdy cast in Colin Hanks, Kat Dennings and Emma Stone (showing big star potential) allow Faris’s ditzy Playboy bunny Shelley to take the film safely out of the realms of believability. I can’t find a more perfect word to describe everything about this film…


3.5 water bra’s out of 5

13 Responses to “The House Bunny”

  1. Hmm – Have to say man that I find 3.5 suspiciously high…

  2. As do I. The only reason why I watched it was for Faris’ ass so I could make my masturbation sessions seem more real. Granted we did get Emma Stone and Kat Dennings as well. Theyre holding the cream in my visions….

    But despite a (in my eyes) pretty cliched tragic movie, The House Bunny pretty much filled the void left open by the last decent American Pie. That’d be the first one. But hey, the point has been proven that Blammo watches practically everything!


    Faris’ ass is on show for three seconds. That’s where the film ended for me.


  4. Twiceintheface Says:

    yeah 3.5 is high, I would give it a 1.5 raising to a 3 for Dennings Jewish boobies and my love for Emma Stone.

  5. Also, case in point, I shouldn’t really say anything as I’m the only person here to have seen Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter and even now I’m still considering getting it on blu ray.

  6. GW Paperstacks Says:

    Anna faris has totally missed her potential by playing these teeny movie roles. As a genuninly likable girl next door type she had the potential to plug a the gap in the market but she seems to be happy churning out these cash makers as ditzy blondes (Just Friends, Observe and report, Super Ex-Girlfriend). Sure they find a market (with single men in their 30’s apparently) and she has all right to make some money, but I always thought she had potential to do some quality acting too.

  7. “Emma Stone and Kat Dennings as well. Theyre holding the cream in my visions….”

    Wait a minute… I smell a rat! The reviewer is called Kat and the actress is also called Kat.

    Wait no. I thought I had something but it’s gone…


    Don’t shatter it.

    Hey doesn’t Faris run an acting school or an academy? As this isn’t a great “Lead By Example” routine.

  9. For an obscure Faris gem, check out “May”.

  10. I’m confused. Everything you’ve said seems to suggest its a terrible movie yet you’ve given a pretty good score, how does that work! lol! xxx

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