A Nightmare is proving to be exactly that

Hey, let’s piss and moan about Freddy Krueger again, shall we? We all know it’s getting the unecessary remake treatment, we all know it won’t be the same without Robert Englund, or Heather Langenkamp, or that man who’s been in absolutely everything who played Nancy’s father. Blah blah heard it all before, no need to re-tread old ground. Consider the following image a spoiler, as it’s been revealed by NECA Toys via promotional figurine information what Jackie Earle Haley will look like under the make-up. So much for secrets. Spoiler pic following!


Stop now, title this A California Raisin In A Jumper On Elm Street and we have a winner!

2 Responses to “A Nightmare is proving to be exactly that”

  1. I retract my last statement. He resembles Frank Langella as Skeletor in Masters Of The Universe.

  2. ^—- That was my first impression at first glance. All I can say is booooooo, but the original Mr. Krueger has given his blessing on the remake. He says it on his official website. But I still say BOOOOOO, stop screwing around with my 80s childhood!!

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