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Stacks Movie Moments (reprise)

Posted in A Retrosepctive, The Guest Spot, The Saviour of Blammo on December 30, 2009 by GW Paperstacks

Bwahahaha! I’ve totally taken over Blammo this week! I’ve remembered a few clips that I’d missed, also Jay reminded me that the Eve & Wall-E space walk scene is beautiful and quite right he was too, however we had Wall-E already so I’ve not included that one. The DvS reminded me that “Me, Myself & Irene” was made in 2000, but there are very few good scenes online to post. I had a whole bunch of other clips suggestions, as did The DvS, but sadly we couldn’t find any decent quality youtube links so they’re sadly omitted from this post.

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Stack’s greatest movie moments (2000-2009)

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As hard as it was to make a 3 worst movies list, it has turned out to be even harder for me to think of my favourite movies! Maybe its again something to do with the way I absorb movies, I only half watching them whilst doing other things because I have the attention span of a small child. I can’t think of the “great” movies I’ve watched over the decade, only great moments in movies, so I figured, fuck it, thats actually way better than naming three top movies! I have taken the time to post the scenes as youtube clips making this article both entertaining and giving me enough time to distract you whilst I steal your Chrstmas presents Continue reading

Stacks Movie Moments (Part 2)

Posted in A Retrosepctive, The Guest Spot, The Saviour of Blammo on December 26, 2009 by GW Paperstacks

WordPress doesn’t like too many links in on its posts, so here is the second half of this epic list. I say epic, it’s just stopping me from being bored this Boxing Day whilst all the presents we open appear to be broken.

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Stack’s Movie Moments (The Last Part)

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Again a small break so WordPress doesn’t have a shitfit. I must point out that these are in no order of preference and the lack of Tarantino is just because at some point we’re going to do a retrospect of his work from this Decade as its all gold.

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Merry Xmas from these Blammo idiots

Posted in News on December 24, 2009 by The DvS

Look. It’s Christmas time, okay? Why are we even thinking of maintaining a site when the booze is flowing and the kids are playing…our dvd’s. Oi! Stop that, you evil charlatans! That’s my Basic Instinct and I would appreciate it if you didn’t keep skipping to the muff scene! Why I oughta…..

But from myself and the rest of the Blammo stalwarts, we wish you all a Merry Christmas! Ho bastard ho!

Pre-Xmas Argument

Posted in Trailers with tags , , , , on December 22, 2009 by The DvS

If you’re desperate to start an argument with someone during dinner at this seasonal time, then make sure they watch this trailer for the revamped Karate Kid and say how good it is. Honesty prevails here, this looks diabolically WANK. I like to use big bold capital letters to say something’s SHIT and when I do, you know within your souls that my words of it being GASH are true. Some of my family are reading this too. Hi guys. It’s a symptom I have called “Targetted Tourette’s“. I have no control over something like this being FESTERINGSTAGNANTCOCKWASHANDONIONBALLSTAINS.

Ill Thought Out Rants About Movies I Didn’t Like This Decade.

Posted in A Retrosepctive, Reviews, The Saviour of Blammo on December 19, 2009 by GW Paperstacks

I’ve been asked to make a top three worst movie list and that may seem easy enough for most, but my viewing habits don’t really allow for “bad” movies, so there may be a problem!  The films I choose to watch are very specifically picked based on various guidelines that I have developed over 20 years or so of hating on mainstream cinema.  The self enforced guidelines start on the ridged foundations that most people use, “who made it“, “who’s in it” and, if it’s just a totally random movie, why would I watch this“, “does this have zombies in it and lastly of course, will I see some tits?”.  From this base guideline I will dismiss away the majority of the movies made in a year by process of elimination and I have no issue with having never watched movies that everyone will be talking about, I’ve never seen Top-Gun, probably never will and I don’t feel any less of a man for it!

Well with that said my list is either made through moments of weak judgement, betrayal by a former hero or through some sick self-inflicted sadomasochistic addiction to movies with the word “movie” at the end (or misinformed about it containing tits? Ed.).  Please feel free to comment if you feel slighted in any way.

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