Today’s excitement for the Poster People!

Hey you! Excited fans of shiny objects! Want to see a glimpse of War Machine in Iron Man 2? You sure can thanks to this new poster that every other site has put up within the last hour. It’s only fair it comes here too.

Hey! Hey you! Excited fan(s) of Ralph “King Of 80’s Beatdowns” Macchio! Prepare to be remakeskullfucked.

I think we all feel sick now.

3 Responses to “Today’s excitement for the Poster People!”

  1. For such a simple poster, there are so many things wrong with “The Karate Kid”. The biggest being that it’s “In Theatres”.

  2. Jackie Chan is in it though! 🙂

  3. I love Jackie Chan as much as the next stalker but the reason why he is wrong for this role is because he doesn’t do karate, he does kung-fu. However seeing as this film is also set in China, the only karate we’re likely to see is in the title.

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