OUTRAGE as Beat returns to the Yakuza.

Imagine Jonathan Ross or Chris Evans or any television presenter with 20 years of hit television shows under their belt were also award winning actors who directed, wrote and even edited their own movies whilst managing a media empire and finding time for poetry, painting and even a bit of tapdance… Well that’s the phenomena that’s Beat Takeshi Kitano that is!

Kitano’s films have achieved huge success in Japan and despite them being in a moon language that most of us can’t understand they’ve also been well received internationally. His Yakuza based movies were made popular in the Western World thanks to numerous  mentions in the ultra-violent Asian cinema movement explosion of the 90’s. Movies like Sonatine, Boiling Point and Hana-Bi offered a gritty alternative to the flashy Hong Kong movies spearheaded by John Woo. Whilst Takeshi Kitano’s work didn’t have a high body count or any flocks of doves worth noting, the Yakuza series were far more mentally disturbing than their HK counterparts and the sparse violence was delivered with brutal bloody swiftness. Kitano even cashed in on the West’s love affair with him by Directing, Writing and starring in “Brother” the Los Angeles based tale of a fallen Yakuza boss caught up in a gang war on American soil, it was received well by most people who bothered to seek it out, but loathed by the Japanese movie purists (who ironically are mostly American) who saw it as selling out.

I give you all of this info because after a ten year hiatus from the gangster movie scene the first stills from his new Yakuza based movie “Outrage” has hit the internet. Quite frankly it’s not a great still, it could be from any Kitano movie and its barely worth commenting about but this really is exciting news to anyone who, like me, was introduced to Japanese cinema via Kitano’s Yakuza movies.

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