Anyone seen AVATAR?

Reviews are starting to come in from the trades.  If anybody has seen it and would like to write their thoughts up for BLAMMO then get in touch and we’ll give you an outlet for blue love/ hate.

Until then here’s Empire‘s thoughts:

It’s been twelve years since Titanic, but the King of the World has returned with a flawed but fantastic tour de force that, taken on its merits as a film, especially in two dimensions, warrants four stars. However, if you can wrap a pair of 3D glasses round your peepers, this becomes a transcendent, full-on five-star experience that’s the closest we’ll ever come to setting foot on a strange new world. Just don’t leave it so long next time, eh, Jim?

One Response to “Anyone seen AVATAR?”

  1. Yes, please, tell us if there are any robots from the future in it, sent back through time by a sentient computer operating system.

    I’m Miles Dyson, and Skynet was my idea.

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