World’s Greatest Dad / Greatest Boobs

Here is unpopular theory for you to disregard or whatever. I think Bobcat Goldthwait was a great stand-up comic and whilst still growing as a writer & director is growing in potential with every movie he makes… Let me save you some google time, Bobcat Goldthwait is best known as the long haired fellow from Police Academy 2 who shouted “YOU KILLED THE BALL” after Hightower took it to the hole.

Need proof of his genius? He directed “Great New York Boobs” segment of the Chappelle Show according to IMDB! If that fact is true, then that fact alone should convince you of his greatness… and that New York has some great boobs. Bobcat’s movie writing career started as early as 1991 with the cult hit “Shakes the Clown“, A movie about an alcoholic clown. Shakes was mostly concept with little story, but touches of what makes Goldthwait’s stand-up routines so good are there if you stay with it long enough. After a long haitus full of TV appearances and continuing stand-up work Bobcat made a return to the Movie scene with “Stay” or “Sleeping Dogs” if you’re from the UK. It was one of them movies that goes straight to video and gets tarred as a romcom by lazy blog writers.  It’s far better than a straight to dvd romcom, it’s full of the type of evil that makes comedy funny and makes romcoms unwatchable to anyone other than gays and fat girls who work in call centres.

World’s Greatest Dad is full of evil, well maybe not evil as such, it’s actually a pretty sweet movie about a man who gets an opportunity to make the world a better place by stretching the truth a little. It’s certainly no romcom!

Robin Williams plays Lance a highschool teacher and single parent who’s son Kyle is a giant douchebag. Kyle (who is instantly recognisable as the now grown up ginger kid from Spy Kids 1, 2 and 3) is amazingly unlikable, he is hated by his peers, doesn’t watch movies or listen to music (as they’re “gay”) and is also an amazing pervert who spies on his elderly neighbour when she changes at night. Whilst looking at vagina (one of his favourite things to do) Kyle accidentally kills himself whilst auto-asphyxiating (a Bobcat stand-up skit favourite; the act of strangling ones self whilst masturbating) and his father racked with embarrassment writes up a heartbreaking note and makes it look like suicide.

Kyle’s faked suicide note becomes an inspiration to the High School kids that once hated him and his legend is twisted into something of a hero to depressed teens everywhere. But how long can Lance keep up the facade and if it’s doing the school kids good, why not take it further?

Worlds Greatest Dad is being sold to the wrong market, or is it even being sold at all? I only heard about it whilst randomly looking to see what Bobcat had been up to lately. It’s a really good low budget movie that should be aimed squarely at the teenage Mean Girls audience. It’s a teen movie that happens to have a middle aged man in the lead! Robin Williams is great as it happens, he plays it pretty straight the whole way through and that’s clearly how you get the best out of Williams these days.  It does starts a little slowly, but its all relevant character information, Kyle has to offend everyone before his death so that he can be universally hated by anyone who watches.

Yes it’s tends to go for the obvious outcome at every opportunity, but the story is solid and it’s the characters and subtle comedy that takes this movie from being forgettable to a movie I’ll happily endorse.

3 Responses to “World’s Greatest Dad / Greatest Boobs”

  1. I really rate Robin Williams when he’s not playing Robin Williams. See Dead Poets Society, Insomniac or Good Will Hunting for examples of this.

  2. One Hour Photo had Williams in a “little bit creepy” role too and that wasn’t too bad.

    I’ll give it a shot considering I’m one of five people in the UK (including yourself) who knows who Goldthwait is.

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