Stack’s greatest movie moments (2000-2009)

As hard as it was to make a 3 worst movies list, it has turned out to be even harder for me to think of my favourite movies! Maybe its again something to do with the way I absorb movies, I only half watching them whilst doing other things because I have the attention span of a small child. I can’t think of the “great” movies I’ve watched over the decade, only great moments in movies, so I figured, fuck it, thats actually way better than naming three top movies! I have taken the time to post the scenes as youtube clips making this article both entertaining and giving me enough time to distract you whilst I steal your Chrstmas presents.

The Oldboy 2D fightscene:

Well obviously its not 2D, well it is 2D in the sense that you don’t use 3D glasses to watch it, it’s like the movie equivilant of the old sidescrolling Nintendo game where you walk down a corridor kicking dudes in the face. Its brilliant is what it is!

The Joker blows up Gotham General

It’s not just the actual blowing up scene that makes this great, although that is obviously a factor, the scene that comes just before this is Heath Ledger doing his Joker thing, Aaron Eckhart has some amazing CGI added to his face and shouts a lot and Christian Bale doesn’t have to put on the stupid voice as he saves Gary Oldman from a car crash. The film isn’t even in my top ten but this scene is spot on!

Steve Zissou gets pirates the fuck off his ship.

The life Aquatic was almost certainly in my top three movies of the Decade and this is one of the scenes that put it there, a bearded Bill Murray fucks up a bunch of Asian pirates… do you need anything else?

Eli needs to be invited in…

Sadly I can’t find video footage of this awesome scene (YAY I FOUND IT!) from this awesome movie, with awesome CGI cats. Eli is a vampire and as such needs to be invited into homes, Oskar is her young human friend and is intrigued as to what happens if she comes in uninvited… in a few seconds he will be sorry for asking.

3 Responses to “Stack’s greatest movie moments (2000-2009)”

  1. Thanks for the list, several on there that I haven’t seen yet. So thanks to your clipage I will be putting a few on my find & watch list.

  2. GW Paperstacks Says:

    Just re-edited the post, the awesome bleeding eye scene from let the right one in is ready to view should you be so inclined.

  3. GW Paperstacks Says:

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