Stacks Movie Moments (Part 2)

WordPress doesn’t like too many links in on its posts, so here is the second half of this epic list. I say epic, it’s just stopping me from being bored this Boxing Day whilst all the presents we open appear to be broken.

So ronrey.

Team America… FUCK YEAH! I could have chosen many scenes from this movie, the sex scene is awesome, the “suck my cock” scene is awesome, the “I’ll put a Jihad on you too” scene is awesome, the giant cats scene is awesome… but I went with this one, because we need a musical break.

Dawn of the Dead starts so well…

I hated Dawn of the Dead, it had so much potential and was destroyed by a stupid green baby scene and far too much “AAAAAGHH LOUD NOISES” moments not to mention the stupid home made McGuyvor killing machine ending. the intro however (about 4 minutes into this clip onwards) was Fantastic zombie movie magic.

Black Dynamite… the whole movie

Try getting reservations at Dorsia now you fucking stupid bastard!

Probably the most quoted film in my circle of friends, which makes us pretty cool guys.

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