Stack’s Movie Moments (The Last Part)

Again a small break so WordPress doesn’t have a shitfit. I must point out that these are in no order of preference and the lack of Tarantino is just because at some point we’re going to do a retrospect of his work from this Decade as its all gold.

Everyday I’m (kung-fu) Hustlin’

I can’t usually abide the wire fighting that comes out of Hong-Kong these days, I liked watching martial arts movies for the feats of physical prowess not the amount of wires the CGI people can make disapear from a scene, however in the world of Kung-Fu Hustle the wire fights just seemed right. (this one has a long intro, you might want to skip to about 3 minutes)

Whats the most you ever lost on a cointoss?

Better coin toss that The Dark Knight? Probably because for all of Heath Ledger’s acting skills The Joker didn’t seem half as frightning as Anton Chigurh, knowing at any point this poor old man could have a gas powered bolt in his forehead made this scene horrible to watch. (also whilst we’re on the Coen Brothers, “You brought yo bitch to the waffle hut?“)

Wall-E puts the pussy on a pedestal

Wall-E is the best love story between two robots since Bender got a sex change and tried to get it on with Calculon, Eva is the supermodel of robots and Wall-e is the common man, win her heart for us Wall-E, for us all!

The Scene Tarantino wishes he’d made.

The lighthouse scene in Battle Royale in which school girls shoot each other with automatic weapons is the scene Tarantino wishes he had made, but the director of the scene says it wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Tarantino’s work so, I guess thats pretty cool, or whatever… yeah its fucking cool is what it is.

So there we have it, a top ten scenes of the decade, if you have anymore post them in the comments and I will endevour to do a follow up linkfest later in the week. I will also take the opportunity to wish you a happy new year and as I’m now a fully blown member of the British Film Institute I will endevour to bring you kick ass film info as it happens. Also I’m giving up butter as a new years resolution, that’s not film related but I guess it’s all part of the circle of life or something.

2 Responses to “Stack’s Movie Moments (The Last Part)”

  1. Wall-e was so sad, then happy! 🙂

  2. Wait… where’s Pirates XXX?

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