Big Fan (clever titles go to hell 2010)

I’m a Patton Oswalt fan and have been for a long time.  I’ve watched his career slowly rise and fall from from his stand-up days to his many sit-com appearances to his biggest gig to date playing a cartoon rat in the totally under-rated ‘Ratatouille’.

Big Fan‘ see’s Patton in a starring role for a change and whilst he’s been totally typecast as the sad loser type I’m happy to say he (along with a supporting cast that if I were to cast a low budget movie would all be in said movie) does a pretty good job!

Patton plays “Paul from Staten Island”, a thirty five year old life long ‘New York Giants’ fan who is stuck in a dead end job.  He’s also a regular caller on talk radio shows and a chronic masturbater who lives at home with his mum… its not at all like my life as I have never phoned a talk radio station. (Lies. Ed.)

One day whilst out eating some pizza with his best buddy Sal (played by Kevin Corrigan who is one of my favourite supporting actors in indie movies ever!) they spot Quantro Bishop,  a New York Giants linebacker and their favourite all time player.  After following Quantro around a bit Paul finally gets to meet his hero and gets soundly fucked up for following him around.

Paul is now stuck in a bad situation getting worse – on the one hand his favourite player is about to go to jail and his beloved New York Giants are losing, on the other hand he’s being pressured to press charges and claim compensation to save his dreary life whilst being attacked on talk radio by a fellow known only as “Philadelphia Phil” (voiced by Michael Rappaport who is one of my favourite supporting actors in indie movies ever!).

Big Fan is a flawed diamond that has found itself a groove in the ‘dark comedy‘ genre. It’s probably quite rightly being compared to the brilliant “The Wrestler”, not only because it’s directed by the screenwriter of ‘The Wrestler’ but because it stays very much in the same mood.  Where ‘The Wrestler’ succeeds and ‘Big Fan’ stumbles, however, is in wrapping up all the loose ends (i.e. whilst ‘The Wrestler’ managed to do so whilst leaving the final answer unanswered, ‘Big Fan’ leaves you with many loose threads).

You can however take heart in the fact that nobody else has ever used the threads before and that Big Fan is pretty much an original concept. I very much expect a British football based remake sooner rather than later, Danny Dyer and Vinnie Jones attached (one of your favourite supporting actors in indie movies ever?! Ed.).

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