Spider Man, No More

Breaking news here, as it’s reported Sony Pictures have just shelved all plans for the fourth instalment of the Spider Man franchise. So that’s it. No more Sam Raimi as he believes he won’t deliver quality by the film’s proposed release date of 2011, nor is there a decent script to commit to. Without Raimi then, you get Tobey Maguire‘s departure announced too.  Without Maguire, there’s no Kirsten Dunst. Recent rumblings of John Malkovich playing the Vulture have now well and truly been pissed on. Of course, this leads Raimi to possibly start the whip cracking on that World Of Warcraft movie we’ve heard about, or something else that was a bit like Drag Me To Hell.

Indeed. Now Sony announced this on their Twitter page, which is miles better and quicker than giving an elongated statement to feed news blogs everywhere. It also takes less time to break the internet. One hundred and forty characters can just about kill a lot of people, as it may have done right about now. Through this, you notice that Sony also stated Peter Parker goes back to high school in 2012. Hey, look, it’s franchise reboot time! All fingers so far (in my eyes) are pointing in the direction of a spin on Ultimate Spider Man, and someone whose name sounds like Back Jethron is a “fine example” of a Peter Parker. Whatever that means. Anyway, internet, speculate!  Is this right? Do we need more Spider Man? Should they just let Disney do it? Who should star? Who should direct? Shall Blammo have a stab at Spidey? Please…please…I’ve wanted to write Mysterio for years…and I’ll give it to Bruce Campbell anyday.

6 Responses to “Spider Man, No More”

  1. Campaign for me to direct and I promise you Ms Diora Baird as Black Cat.

  2. I totally approve of this.

    Hello, Ms Baird.

  3. Is that Diora with Nacho Libre?

  4. There was someone else in the picture?

  5. This idea of rebooting to focus on Spiderman at high school, is anyone else detecting the whiff of Twilight – “Spi-light” if you please? Will teenage girls be wearing Team Spidey or Team Goblin t-shirts? Personally I think the Team Goblin t-shirts might sell more but then I do have a dirty mind – it’s Sid James’ brain I keep it in a jar.

  6. I think Robert Englund would make an AWESOME Vulture…..

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