Cop Out

Hey look, it’s A Couple Of Dicks! Not according to those evil censory, virginal types, who slammed down their almighty gavel of pure judgment down upon the earth, and forced a name change to Cop Out. At the helm is Kevin Smith, and it stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as…cops! Here’s some blurb:

Two longtime NYPD partners on the trail of a stolen, rare, mint-condition baseball card find themselves up against a merciless, memorabilia-obsessed gangster. Jimmy (Bruce Willis) is the veteran detective whose missing collectible is his only hope to pay for his daughter’s upcoming wedding, and Paul (Tracy Morgan) is his “partner-against-crime” whose preoccupation with his wife’s alleged infidelity makes it hard for him to keep his eye on the ball.

Guess you’ll be wanting a trailer of sorts? You lucky people.

Opinions if you will!

3 Responses to “Cop Out”

  1. GW Paperstacks Says:

    You have Bruce Willis call you up and say “we should work together!” and the best you come up with is a cop buddy movie? This truly is a cop out (lolz)

  2. You want to Live Free or Die Hard?

  3. This Bruce Willis just isn’t as much fun as he could be. Bring back “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON” McClane-era Willis. What could go wrong with a tense, twitchy cop with a gun? (failing that he could just headbutt everyone like he did in that last Die Hard jobby I guess)

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