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Lord of the Rings: Born of Hope

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Like Lord of the Rings?  Wish you could have more?

Well luckily for you a LOTR fan named Kate Madison decided that she really, really wanted to make a kick ass fan-movie.  Realising that Peter Jackson put more than a thousand bucks into his epic to get it to look like that she decided this project was worth everything to her… so that’s exactly what she spent.  Taking every penny of her 25,000 pounds of savings and pouring it into the production values she directed and starred in her creation:  “Born of Hope“.

Telling the story of Aragorn’s father (I think) ‘Born of Hope’ is a very impressive looking piece of work and a real nerdgasm for those that take the Lord of the Rings a teensy bit too seriously.

Weekend Injustice

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Friends and enemies, I’m getting married this weekend. This is of no concern to our readership (now 8 strong!) as most of them will be at the do. But for the remainder that’s not, I’m leaving you with a sensational gift to tide you over until I return with my bride. Some day you’ll thank me for it.

The Justice League Of America TV Movie!

It’s not often you get an opportunity to see “the most embarrassing take on super heroes ever created“. Those that do definately come away from the experience a changed individual. Even a cat changes. But hey, wardrobe really threw in some gusto with this! If you’re a fan of JLA at all, then you’ll hate this, with all of it’s complete inaccuracies. If you’re a fan of Miguel Ferrer, then you can erase this from his resume. If you think the character of Ice is really hot (ice…heat…messy puddle?), stick around for a while, but that costume does not get any shorter. Part the first is below…should you desire to watch more, then I’m sure you can follow your nose for the rest.

Safe bet says not even it’s foley operator would admit to working on this. Famous last words though….


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Hmmm. Now I’m rather a Neil Marshall fan. In fact I found his first two movies astounding (The Descent is up there in my top five scariest films of all time and I shudder thinking about it) and it was with confusion that I found myself not enjoying Doomsday.

A couple of years later and we have his latest offering, Centurion, starring a collection of excellent actors and with what, from the trailer, seems like some glorious cinematography. However Doomsday’s bad taste still lingers in my mouth and just looking at the ancient Britons takes me back to that moment in the cinema when I realised Marshall’s Mad Max meets 28 Days Later was not only falling short of his earlier glories but was actually annoying me…

Also I think the title should have been “F*ck the Brits” as I think it’d make more monies outside of the UK :p

What do you think?

‘Up In the Air’ Review

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Before watching Up In The Air I had several preconceptions regarding this film.  The first dealt with lead actor George Clooney whose performances, though consistently enjoyable, usually mean you’re in for a particular type of film.  Secondly came from Jason Reitman who directed indie smash Juno, an extremely over rated if enjoyable romp regarding teenage pregnancy and stilted dialogue.  Interestingly both preconceptions were rather misplaced and I’m very pleased to say Up in the Air is a brilliantly enjoyable, yet rather moving movie with Clooney pushing his repetoir into rather unseen territory.  In fact it’s only when I learnt that Reitman also made Thank you for Smoking (a brilliantly under rated and under watched indie movie starring the always amazing Two Face himself, Aaron Eckart) that the quality and tone of the movie made sense.

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The Oscar Nominations are in

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Now I know what you’re thinking and I’m afraid the answer is no – Blammo favourite Pete Dash is not nominated again this year.  We’ll all be writing our words of dismay to the academy and I rather hope you all (yes all six readers) do so too.

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Awards season is here, and some may have missed those Golden Globes (unless you caught an adult streaming video website, then you’d feel the magic and hear the roar). Fear not, for the Academy Awards are almost here, where usually a tired Count will liveblog his thought and opinions of the show as it happens. But that’s not what’s important, oh no. Bleeding Eyes purists like myself cannot wait for the show that precedes this big one by a mere 24 hours.

The 30th Annual Razzie Awards nominations have arrived, and in honoured tradition, they truly embrace the worst of the previous year’s cinematic exploits. I bet you’re dying to see them, yet I don’t see The Invention Of Lying here (wonder if I’ll get jumped on by someone who held a boom mic on set for saying that)…

Nominations are…

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