Hmmm. Now I’m rather a Neil Marshall fan. In fact I found his first two movies astounding (The Descent is up there in my top five scariest films of all time and I shudder thinking about it) and it was with confusion that I found myself not enjoying Doomsday.

A couple of years later and we have his latest offering, Centurion, starring a collection of excellent actors and with what, from the trailer, seems like some glorious cinematography. However Doomsday’s bad taste still lingers in my mouth and just looking at the ancient Britons takes me back to that moment in the cinema when I realised Marshall’s Mad Max meets 28 Days Later was not only falling short of his earlier glories but was actually annoying me…

Also I think the title should have been “F*ck the Brits” as I think it’d make more monies outside of the UK :p

What do you think?

One Response to “Centurion”

  1. I think Kurlywurlyyenko has just caused me to soil another pair of trousers. Seriously, warrior chicks are the way forward.

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