Weekend Injustice

Friends and enemies, I’m getting married this weekend. This is of no concern to our readership (now 8 strong!) as most of them will be at the do. But for the remainder that’s not, I’m leaving you with a sensational gift to tide you over until I return with my bride. Some day you’ll thank me for it.

The Justice League Of America TV Movie!

It’s not often you get an opportunity to see “the most embarrassing take on super heroes ever created“. Those that do definately come away from the experience a changed individual. Even a cat changes. But hey, wardrobe really threw in some gusto with this! If you’re a fan of JLA at all, then you’ll hate this, with all of it’s complete inaccuracies. If you’re a fan of Miguel Ferrer, then you can erase this from his resume. If you think the character of Ice is really hot (ice…heat…messy puddle?), stick around for a while, but that costume does not get any shorter. Part the first is below…should you desire to watch more, then I’m sure you can follow your nose for the rest.

Safe bet says not even it’s foley operator would admit to working on this. Famous last words though….

5 Responses to “Weekend Injustice”

  1. Heheh – a blue Green Lantern 🙂

  2. Aaaagh my poor eyes…..

    Fair play though, the sound effects weren’t too bad. After all he did work on the Inspector Gadget cartoon.

  3. Being a DC fan, I’m going to be totally biased and say the Roger Corman produced Fantastic Four movie is worse.

  4. I’d have just said the Fantastic Four movies

  5. And you’d be right.

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