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Scott Pilgrim. Awesome.

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Need I say anymore? Well, yes. Directed by Edgar Wright, (Spaced, Shaun Of The Dead) a man I accidentally tweeted with some pervy message about Jennifer Connelly that was intended for someone else (seriously fuck those unreliable Twitter widgets), Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is shaping up to be included in many people’s “best of 2010” lists already. It stars Michael Cera, Chris Evans and a Blammo favourite in Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I can’t promise I can keep my accidental tweeting under control regarding her though. Amongst other things…

I’ll be perfectly honest, I’ve never read any of the books by Bryan Lee O’Malley, and in a way that’s quite relieving to be able to watch a fresh comic book movie without deep analysis. I think between this and Kick Ass, we’re going to start seeing a whole new slew of movies that will rely on fun, rather than brooding spandex. Cinematic funtimes? Oh, you betcha ass.

More information can be found on the movie’s official website, which also has a sweeter quality trailer.

Classic Blammo #1

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I’m sure a lot of you have an hour to kill where you can watch a movie about a legendary dick for an hour. You’ll be amazed at this dick, for despite it’s age, this dick manages to captivate you for sixty minutes, with it’s old school hard action and shooting scenes.

Oh god, no I didn’t mean that.

Thanks to the delightful powers of the internet, some classic (and perhaps, never heard of) movies can be viewed by all. Blammo‘s already watched the amazing Wild Guitar, which we’re going to remake for today’s generation of force fed talent contest hopefuls. But here is one hour of Dick Tracy, released in 1945 from RKO Studios. They really don’t make ’em like this anymore do they….

Merantau Warrior

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Like most kids brought up in the eighties, martial arts movies were, for a good portion of my life, my film genre of choice.  I watched absolutely anything that had men fighting against each other in be it the 60s and 70s Hong Kong flicks, the 80s ninja and Van Damme stuff or the more epic operatic style movies of the last ten or so years.  So it is with some authority I say this is special.

Well remember when Ong Bak came along and brought the action back to no thrills, long take awesomeness?  Merantau Warrior seems to share that spirit.

I’m proud as punch to say a Welsh film maker (Gareth Evans) has travelled the world, discovered an untapped martial art style and made a movie that looks so fricking brilliant I can hardly contain myself.

This is Merantau:

And your Captain America is…

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Well done, sir! I had to admit I didn’t even realise you were in the running to play Steve Rogers, the soldier augmented with the first Super Soldier Serum in World War II who became Captain America. I didn’t even think you looked that athletic. And Rogers was blonde. You can’t hide what you are. Although I would be interested to see how much you can hold your own against the likes of Hugo Weaving, who’ll be portraying your nemesis, The Red Skull (and that casting was genius, way better than this comedic post). After that’s done, we’re all dying to see, now after this monumental announcement, how you’re going to lead a team of Avengers with Downey Stark Jr at your side.

Oh…it’s not that Chris Evans?

Ah right. Him. But he’s the Human Torch! Is this the start of a hostile takeover by this Evans to become every single Marvel character onscreen now, thus creating a new dimension, the Marvel Evans universe? That’s including the chicks. Oh my Aphex Twin.

Jokes aside, Blammo was talking about this a mere two nights ago, and I’m not really a hopeful for this whereas Mr Count believes he can pull the role off rather well. My reasoning is I find it hard to see Evans play a character who’s counted as one of comic’s greatest heroes be able to shrug off the cockiness and ignorance of the prank playing Johnny Storm. But that’s just me. What do you gremlins think of this?

Again with your Predatory things!

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First teaser trailer for Predators has arrived, and a huge part of me wants to keep this as the only trailer we get to see as I don’t really want to see anymore than i have to in fear of something getting spoilt. But I tell you this, ladies and gentlemen, I admire any movie that not only has a man named Nimrod at it’s helm, but stars an actor I need to learn another language just to pronounce. To-fu Graze. Gopher Face? Fuck! What is it? Oh, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali. Okay.

Squawking for attention

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YOU. Yes you. Not you, legendary aviary thriller that has been in the hearts, souls and minds of the world since Hitchcock adapted your Du Maurier novel on the screen in 1963. No, move along, I’m talking to this little one trying to hide from Blammo’s eyesight. Why are you hiding yourself? You should know that whatever catches the Eye Of Blammo (I’m so going to patent that), catches the imaginations of those who follow us. ALL TEN OF THEM!

Nah, enough with the melodramatics. Birdemic, what channels does Blammo have to go through to see your movie? We are all cats, here, you see, and despite the associated curiosity that’s attached to the feline race, you also have a lot of birds on show. That blonde one in particular, for I’m driven by PASSION. Rawr. Yet, all of us are so intrigued by your tale of killer birds and beak related deaths, we cannot ignore such a frivolity.

Nice as it is to see such a superb trailer attached now, you had me sold two months ago.

The NSFW Post

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It’s another one of these dastardly NSFW posts that could get you fired if you are viewing in a workplace full of the squeamish, the elderly or the common do-gooder who picks up other people’s dog poop after their hounds have soiled the pavements. If your workplace happens to be a school, then your alibi is “it’s for children’s awareness to the meia studies they may face during college” or to cut it short “it’s an art project“. But in the element of doing the right thing, Blammo says it’s NSFW, so don’t click things if you know you’re going to be appalled/offended/disgusted/mortified/shit your pants. Thanks. Continue reading