Iron, like a lion, in…a trailer

Stir the cauldron once more…bring us back to posting greatness…let us cheer, jeer and fear everyone and everything, and thanks to last night’s Oscars ceremony, let’s drink A LOT OF COFFEE. NNNNG.

Point being, a brand new Iron Man 2 trailer punched me in the face this morning and it’s only fair that I punch all of you with it. This will be all from me until I reawaken from post-caffeine exposure slumber. View on, public, view on.

In other related news of note and a reason to post a picture of a hot girl (again), I forgot Olivia Munn had a cameo in this movie. She likes to put things in her mouth, if not give things a gentle licking. She’s also rumoured to be playing Wanda Maximoff, which us comic freaks know as The Scarlet Witch. And that lady is batshit insane with all manner of magicks and world altering powers. That would be another set up then, for the Avengers movie that everyone talks about. And my cup is empty. To the kettle!

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