To sum it up accordingly…


The recent SXSW festival offered a superb two minute sneaky peeky at the Robert Rodriguez produced Predators, which despite being cool enough on it’s own, it’s also directed by a man called Nimrod. Nimrod Antal. Can you imagine walking around with that name? It’s cooler than mine. I’d strike fear into my friends hearts with the chants of my name through a voice changing Darth Vader helmet.


Yeah, so back on track, you all know what a Predator is, and you know by now that making a sequel with the original film’s title turned into a plural is going to win. See “Aliens” for proof. See this footage too so boys and girls can ooze special machismo.

You can also check for updates at the movie’s official website. Minty.

UPDATE:  New clip added as last was killed by the nazis at the studio.

3 Responses to “To sum it up accordingly…”

  1. Since I can seem to make it play on my phone, my question is: Are they using Stan Winston’s orignal look for the Predator(s)?

  2. There was mention of how they “evolved” so an exact version of what we know maybe out of the question. Wouldn’t surprise me though if there was a nod to the man somewhere.

  3. That’s at least good to hear.

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