And your Captain America is…


Well done, sir! I had to admit I didn’t even realise you were in the running to play Steve Rogers, the soldier augmented with the first Super Soldier Serum in World War II who became Captain America. I didn’t even think you looked that athletic. And Rogers was blonde. You can’t hide what you are. Although I would be interested to see how much you can hold your own against the likes of Hugo Weaving, who’ll be portraying your nemesis, The Red Skull (and that casting was genius, way better than this comedic post). After that’s done, we’re all dying to see, now after this monumental announcement, how you’re going to lead a team of Avengers with Downey Stark Jr at your side.

Oh…it’s not that Chris Evans?

Ah right. Him. But he’s the Human Torch! Is this the start of a hostile takeover by this Evans to become every single Marvel character onscreen now, thus creating a new dimension, the Marvel Evans universe? That’s including the chicks. Oh my Aphex Twin.

Jokes aside, Blammo was talking about this a mere two nights ago, and I’m not really a hopeful for this whereas Mr Count believes he can pull the role off rather well. My reasoning is I find it hard to see Evans play a character who’s counted as one of comic’s greatest heroes be able to shrug off the cockiness and ignorance of the prank playing Johnny Storm. But that’s just me. What do you gremlins think of this?

2 Responses to “And your Captain America is…”

  1. GW Paperstacks Says:

    I can’t express how uniterested I am in this. I know I’m never particularly interested in the comic book conversion but unless they make this Captain America Vs The Hun at Omaha Beach then who gives a fuck.

  2. Being a bit of a fan of the Ultimate Avengers comic I’ve been following this for a while and, as DVS says, I’ve backed Evans from the start. Yeah the FF movies were fucking terrible but.. well but nothing – they really were THAT bad. Regardless they’re dead to me so I’m just basing my lobbying on the way Evans looks and his role in Push and Sunshine.

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