Merantau Warrior

Like most kids brought up in the eighties, martial arts movies were, for a good portion of my life, my film genre of choice.  I watched absolutely anything that had men fighting against each other in be it the 60s and 70s Hong Kong flicks, the 80s ninja and Van Damme stuff or the more epic operatic style movies of the last ten or so years.  So it is with some authority I say this is special.

Well remember when Ong Bak came along and brought the action back to no thrills, long take awesomeness?  Merantau Warrior seems to share that spirit.

I’m proud as punch to say a Welsh film maker (Gareth Evans) has travelled the world, discovered an untapped martial art style and made a movie that looks so fricking brilliant I can hardly contain myself.

This is Merantau:

5 Responses to “Merantau Warrior”

  1. GW Paperstacks Says:

    This does look awesome! Much as I like Tony Jaa’s action sequence stuff, I find his fighting style to be a little dirty, all knees and elbows. This looks like a style I can get onboard with!

  2. I will keep an eye out for this one. BTW as a former Sesame Street watcher I love your avatar…

  3. Possibly the best impaling scene of all time? I’m hoping!

  4. I’ve seen it and it is honestly better than Ong Bak because the action hangs together by a really great story. Yes, even better than a missing statue head!

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