Classic Blammo #1

I’m sure a lot of you have an hour to kill where you can watch a movie about a legendary dick for an hour. You’ll be amazed at this dick, for despite it’s age, this dick manages to captivate you for sixty minutes, with it’s old school hard action and shooting scenes.

Oh god, no I didn’t mean that.

Thanks to the delightful powers of the internet, some classic (and perhaps, never heard of) movies can be viewed by all. Blammo‘s already watched the amazing Wild Guitar, which we’re going to remake for today’s generation of force fed talent contest hopefuls. But here is one hour of Dick Tracy, released in 1945 from RKO Studios. They really don’t make ’em like this anymore do they….

2 Responses to “Classic Blammo #1”

  1. Hur hur hur – Dick Tracey is coming. Hur hur.

  2. i love watching these old school dvds. i don’t have the internet on at home so i can’t see them on the net yet but sometimes i find them on dvd.

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