Scott Pilgrim. Awesome.

Need I say anymore? Well, yes. Directed by Edgar Wright, (Spaced, Shaun Of The Dead) a man I accidentally tweeted with some pervy message about Jennifer Connelly that was intended for someone else (seriously fuck those unreliable Twitter widgets), Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is shaping up to be included in many people’s “best of 2010” lists already. It stars Michael Cera, Chris Evans and a Blammo favourite in Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I can’t promise I can keep my accidental tweeting under control regarding her though. Amongst other things…

I’ll be perfectly honest, I’ve never read any of the books by Bryan Lee O’Malley, and in a way that’s quite relieving to be able to watch a fresh comic book movie without deep analysis. I think between this and Kick Ass, we’re going to start seeing a whole new slew of movies that will rely on fun, rather than brooding spandex. Cinematic funtimes? Oh, you betcha ass.

More information can be found on the movie’s official website, which also has a sweeter quality trailer.

3 Responses to “Scott Pilgrim. Awesome.”

  1. GW Paperstacks Says:

    Love Cera & luuuuuurve Winstead but not a fan of Edgar Wright’s work. Torn by this one as it looks pretty insane.

  2. Yeah I love Cera, LOVE Winstead and think the dream team of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have been the only real reason to enjoy British comedy in over a decade now (anyone that doesn’t enjoy Spaced is, quite frankly, an idiot).

    However will be very interested to see how Wright survives without his partner in crime (hopefully better than Pegg’s solo projects – How to Lose Friends and Alienate People? *pukes in mouth*).

  3. GW Paperstacks Says:

    You raise a good point actually, It’s not actually Wright who’s work I’m not a fan of, It’s Simon Pegg, I find him face punchingly annoying and never particularly funny. It was him who instantly turned me off Spaced (Just to balance the books I’d like to point out that anyone who enjoys spaced is, quite frankly, an idiot.), it was him who made Shaun of the Dead tiresome once the scene setting was over and interestingly as an unlikable person in Hot Fuzz it was him who made it work (because Nick Frost was annoying as fuck in that).

    So, after rewatching the trailer, I’m thinking this might be pretty cool as with one nervous look & mumbled comment Cera is way funnier than Simon Pegg ever was.

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