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Thor Blimey

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I don’t usually like to post things that are like “Hey look, here’s the first image of someone’s sock from Twilight“, because I’m not too keen on socks in movies and I don’t like Twilight. Other than that, here’s your first look at what Chris Hemsworth is going to look like as Thor!

That looks way better than I thought it would. It’s going along with the modern outfit Thor wears in the comics now and will no doubt do wonders for the fancy dress community.  Well done you Norsefolk for not only being tough as nails, but for also sporting suitable attire for your Frost Giant slaying days. Kenneth Branagh’s Thor will be released in one year and a few days time. Shiiiit.

Hex Appeal

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Good job for Jonah Hex, that I had this post title saved for this DC Comics western and refused to share it with witches, hags and covenants. If you don’t know much about  Jonah Hex, don’t worry, I don’t either, but Josh Brolin plays the badass outlaw with a hilarious…no sorry, hideous facial deformity. This also features Megan Fox as a damsel with no waist. Odd. Is this even a western? Badface and No Waist would make a much better title. You’d get my ticket as they really sound more cowboy than anyone could hope for.

Can someone shed some light about Jonah Hex for us? I’ve read one book and watched an episode of Batman: TAS with him inolved in a hot air balloon hijack. Seemed real bizarre and his eye grew a lot.

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Something Fishy

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Anyone remember the Joe Dante 1978 original?  His Piranha was a cheap assed attempt at cashing in on Jaws with some pretty amusing gags thrown in for good measure.

I remember watching it with a group full of friends as a teenager and thinking it was pretty damned brilliant really and I found the nasty bits rather gruesome.  However there’s no getting past the fact that you remove the company and beer and you had a weak DON’T GO IN THE WATER monster flick.

Well over thirty years later it’s time to remake/ reinvent/ whatever and update the original for the youth of today.  Set in that magical place we Brits only hear of (let’s face it an event like that over here would be pretty wet and depressing), Spring Break, we’re promised Kelly Brook’s boobies in 3D as well as enormous CGI fish to leap out of the screen at you.  Like 2008’s My Bloody Valentine 3D this actually may be really good fun if seen in a digital theatre with friends and… uh… beer.

Pirahna 3D is released in the UK later this month and stars an all star cast including Ving Rhames, Richard Dreyfuss and Christoper Lloyd

Hobo With A Shotgun, with added Hauer

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So there’s me thinking, how Blammo truly embraces the type of film a regular movie goer would avoid and how our past few posts have been about the weird and wonderful, some footage appears online that screams “hey you Blammo fucks, can’t you see this is made for you?!” Today’s been good. Continue reading

Birdemic: Shock and Terror – Flocking Awful

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David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) once said of Kevin Smith that his success with Clerks hadn’t made getting into the industry any easier, but rather turned the indie film industry into a special Olympics. Birdemic takes that theory to the extreme, its not hard to imagine off the back of his huge internet following that director James Nguyen could be gifted a budget to make another movie and that is just wrong!

Birdemic: Shock & Terror is a truly awful movie that is missing basic movie making fundamentals and shouldn’t be watched by anyone.

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Something For The Weekend: Go Huntin’..

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I want a film. I can’t find it anywhere. Aid me in my quest. Make the Blammo folk very happy and seek out a movie we’ve been dying to see since Blacula passed by our noses. Help us Obi Wan, you’re our only hope.

We want….

No. Really. We need to see this. Stop laughing.

Kyonyo Dragon: Strippers versus Zombies

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Or if you tend to look at our last piece of news, you’d see this is the mighty Big Tits Zombie! Undeniably aimed at a distinct audience (us), we are now scraping through volcanic ash clouds to get this movie in our mitts and watch it. In cubicles. Far away from each other as we possibly can be.

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