Kick Ass Review

Okay what can I say about Kick Ass that you don’t already know?  Everybody by now will have heard that it’s super funny, super violent and super rude.  You’ll know that Nicholas Cage has put in a peformance that will make you instantly forgive the last fifteen years of his career.  You’ll may even have heard that eleven year old Hit Girl is a gift to paedophiles everywhere.  Good ol Daily Mail – I wonder if they actually have even seen this movie.  I’m not even going to bother addressing how a super sweet little girl in a school uniform (shock horror) can be considered sexy because she swears and kills bad guys as it’s as ridiculous as stating that this movie approves of kicking donkeys because the title suggests so.  Yeah that stupid.

Matthew Vaughan has just climbed the ladder to ‘awesome director’ level.  The images and pace are simply perfect and the action sequences will make Michael Bay sob into his Michael Bay beer glass when.  Neither over shakey nor overly smooth every single fight scene feels fresh and varied enough to feel different from the last. Hit Girl’s frantic acrobatics are astounding to watch (and her cute little smirks in the scene when she first meets Kick Ass are worth ticket price alone) whilst Big Daddy (Nic Cage)’s Batman Begins style combat contrasts utterly and reminds me more of the Oldboy corridor fight in its one shot brilliance.  Oh and this movie may contain the greatest air punching moment as Elvis Presley blasts through the speakers near the finalé.

What’s surprising about Kick Ass is how perfectly complete it feels.  Aaron Johnson‘s wonderful Tobey McGuire homage suggests this will be a silly Spiderman farce but it’s so very much more.  The satire and jokes come in fast and thick but the end of the second act wades in darker than any moment in the Sam Raimi movies.  Surprisingly then Kick Ass is, in many ways, more Watchmen than Mystery Men and is unquestionably brilliant.

Edgar Wright better have something pretty special up his sleeve with Scott Pilgrim as Kick Ass has lifted the bar to an awe inspiring new level.

5 Bazookas out of 5

Edit:  Here’s the LINK to the Daily Mail ‘review’

12 Responses to “Kick Ass Review”

  1. GW Paperstacks Says:

    Link the Daily Mail thing about the sexy tween, I want to lolz!

    • A bit over the top but I kinda agree with this article…though not for the same reasons as you’d expect. I like having a word that’s ‘so bad’ that when it’s uttered people really know that you’re pissed off. To me that is ‘cunt’ but it’s becoming a little too main stream for my likings of late.

      Regarding its usage in Kick Ass though it’s nothing short of genius.

  2. I thought Kick Ass was super however (and I admit I am being a little bit picky) did anyone think that the jetpack at the end just didn’t fit with the overall tone of the film?

    • Actually yes. First time I saw it that really bugged me and, if I hadn’t seen it again after, may have grown like a tumour of hate that turned me against the film. Luckily on my second viewing I actually had no problem at all with it – in fact I kinda loved it 🙂

  3. Hmmm. I’ll take that as SPOILER 😦

  4. Ta daaaa. Alive. Unlike Avatar though, I’ll make an effort.

    That Clash Of The Titans though, eh?

  5. DvS — really sorry I should have highlighted that as a spoiler!

    Count — I imagine that you’re right about it not being a problem on a second viewing. I also think thematically if you’re film’s about real people trying to be superheroes the final goal for them is to fly.

  6. I approve wholeheartedly of this review, and call on all good movie directors out there to send preview tickets to Blammo for cult soapbox review goodness. And beer, that helps too.

  7. Okay I saw the jetpack, and it was…cheesy! I’m going to have to watch it again, I feel, as I came out and felt on the fence about my opinion. There were some really great moments, yet there were some that droned on a bit. And thankfully for my own nerd head, I didn’t compare anything to the comic material. That really is a first for me.

    Oh, and Hit Girl’s awesome, and Nic Cage actually made me laugh with his Adam West voice.

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