Hobo With A Shotgun, with added Hauer

So there’s me thinking, how Blammo truly embraces the type of film a regular movie goer would avoid and how our past few posts have been about the weird and wonderful, some footage appears online that screams “hey you Blammo fucks, can’t you see this is made for you?!” Today’s been good.

I posted Treevenge a while back, on the grounds of it being absolutely amazing. If you didn’t get round to seeing it, shame on you, but click away and it’s there for you in it’s completed state. It’s director, Jason Eisener, submitted a faux trailer for a contest that a winning trailer was to be included in the complete version of Rodriguez’s and Tarantino’s Grindhouse. It scored a win and you can see exactly why.

The thing with these trailers, that they were executed so brilliantly, people actually wanted them to be turned into movies. You’ll see one soon enough with Machete. And now, Eisener’s made his statement that filming has indeed started on turning Hobo With A Shotgun into a full movie. The added bonus of having Rutger Hauer as the hobo just escalated it into a new level of jizzlobbing. By reading the blog just set up, they’ve already run into trouble as they state “they’ve run out of blood“. Expect nothing but claret.

Now, my friends, enjoy this little tease. Makes me want to dig out Blind Fury now….

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