Something Fishy

Anyone remember the Joe Dante 1978 original?  His Piranha was a cheap assed attempt at cashing in on Jaws with some pretty amusing gags thrown in for good measure.

I remember watching it with a group full of friends as a teenager and thinking it was pretty damned brilliant really and I found the nasty bits rather gruesome.  However there’s no getting past the fact that you remove the company and beer and you had a weak DON’T GO IN THE WATER monster flick.

Well over thirty years later it’s time to remake/ reinvent/ whatever and update the original for the youth of today.  Set in that magical place we Brits only hear of (let’s face it an event like that over here would be pretty wet and depressing), Spring Break, we’re promised Kelly Brook’s boobies in 3D as well as enormous CGI fish to leap out of the screen at you.  Like 2008’s My Bloody Valentine 3D this actually may be really good fun if seen in a digital theatre with friends and… uh… beer.

Pirahna 3D is released in the UK later this month and stars an all star cast including Ving Rhames, Richard Dreyfuss and Christoper Lloyd

One Response to “Something Fishy”

  1. Hip flasks will do, and I will cheer if one of those Brook breasts actually seems like it’s about to rock me in the face.

    Cameron’s second, The Soawning (or Flying Killers) really affected the way I look at schools of gnasher bearing pipsqueaks. It’s even more terrifying in Japanese.

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