Thor Blimey

I don’t usually like to post things that are like “Hey look, here’s the first image of someone’s sock from Twilight“, because I’m not too keen on socks in movies and I don’t like Twilight. Other than that, here’s your first look at what Chris Hemsworth is going to look like as Thor!

That looks way better than I thought it would. It’s going along with the modern outfit Thor wears in the comics now and will no doubt do wonders for the fancy dress community.  Well done you Norsefolk for not only being tough as nails, but for also sporting suitable attire for your Frost Giant slaying days. Kenneth Branagh’s Thor will be released in one year and a few days time. Shiiiit.

2 Responses to “Thor Blimey”

  1. Wow… Thor’s going to look like Phillip Seymour Hoffman on Halloween!

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