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R.I.P. Dennis Hopper

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“Let’s fuck! I’ll fuck anything that moves!”


I Heart You, Old Video Store

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It dawned on me recently, whilst talking to my wife about cheesy movie posters and stories from years gone by, that the only true way to see anything of the sort back in the day would be on a giant VHS cover sleeve sat on a shelf, gathering dust because you were possibly the only person vaguely interested in picking it up for a rent and some crazy entertainment with your mates. At a time when the internet was just one tube rather than a series, where digital purely meant Casio wristwatches and a download was a drinking game conceived by local hookers, there was one thing guaranteed to raise a smile within me, and that was always a trip to the local video store. Sadly, in this day and age, that feeling will never be experienced again. Continue reading

Don’t Super 8 my Iron Sky

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Yeah, not only do you have Wicker related viewings to tide you over, it’s best that you also get a good squint at these two trailers that have surfaced this week. One of which is a lens flare encrusted “secret” that wants to keep you shouting “WHY ISN’T THIS CLOVERFIELD 2” and the other is Iron Sky. Intergalactic nazis in saucers? Looks lickety!

Iron Sky was spoken about here a long time ago. So long, in fact, we’d forgotten all about it. A sci fi/comedy flick from Finland, nazis have been hiding in the moon’s shadow for years and have decided to invade Earth in the year 2018. I’m really looking forward to it, as are the other fans of Finnish sci fi comedies I know. Want to know more? The official website is a simple click away.

Alright, we’ll move on to Super 8. The one JJ Abrams (Cloverfield, Star Trek reboot, and some tv shows about being lost and having haircuts) swears blind is NOT Clover 2, and is more of a homage to Close Encounters and E.T., films that funnily enough have been made by 8’s producer, one Mr Spielberg. Look around people, as just like Clover (and even Trek) before it, you are to watch everything involved in the teaser, then speculate like buggeration at every little detail as the internet has done so already.

Go on then. Speculate.

Something For The Weekend: The Beeeeeeees!

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Slow week for us Blammo people as we have seem to have real lives to contend with as well as being your internet champions. That’s not to say we’ve forgotten about you…no, the ironic schtick is that we love you, like family. Like pets. Like Electric Blue.

Chill out this weekend then with a simple edited down version of the legendary remake of The Wicker Man. Edited to a length that suits you and possibly your sex life. Three minutes of Cage for you!

Machete – QUICKLY!

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No time, no time, no time, no time! Watch this Machete trailer now before it goes, thanks to the evils of executives!

Whaddya think?

One Eyed Monster

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Okay, it’s hat eating time. I had One Eyed Monster originally lined up to be a Bleeding Eyes entry, for it’s premise was so absurd, it would’ve made itself at home in that category and amused the neighbours. Surprisingly, it’s managed to avoid this label by being entertaining! Who could have ever said that about a killer dick movie? Yeah, I said killer dick. Stop laughing, this is serious business. Continue reading