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I have very Thor bits

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Some shouting chaps, a hammer and Natalie Portman. Just what you asked for, right? Five minutes of Comic Con Thor trailer for you to chew toast to. Good morning.

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Hey! Things happened and where were you? At a bar, I bet

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Or as we like to call it in the world of meandering ramble that is “blogging”, it’s a newsround. Is it me or did espionage get really tough these days?

First up…a tricky decision.

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Tron: Legacy (again)

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Comic-Con always keeps on giving when it’s running. Well it doesn’t give to me. Have you even seen those Galactus hats?! Give me one now! NOW! And now, to the point. First megabuzz of the con was the Tron: Legacy panel and the unveiling of the latest trailer to make you all sick to your stomachs of how smart it looks and how it’s not available to you until December. According to reports of the panel, and has now made me feel old, is that not a lot of people even knew that Tron existed and that this was a new movie entirely. These same reports have eyewitness accounts of these people hogtied to lightcycles and driven down Hall H, until they were aware that there’s more to Jeff Bridges other than The Dude and Starman. There was the Fabulous Baker Boys too. You crazy!

Trailer then. The trailer that didn’t really make anyone cheer a great deal. Amazement, or ignorance?

The Avengers news you all knew months ago!

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Only it got made official about 20-30 minutes ago. Joss Whedon announced at the San Diego Comic-con, that he is proud to be a part of a badly kept secret directing The Avengers. Rumoured for months on end, and everyone knew it was pretty much a damn deal done before this announcement, Whedon will be in control of Robert Downey JR‘s Iron ManChris Evan’s Captain America, Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor, Nick Fury by Sammy L Jackson and The Hulk played by Edward…no lets not go there shall we….

There’s no idea who else will be on the Marvel superteam, but really now, with Whedon involved, I wouldn’t rule out Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau or a few other faces from the Whedon back catalogue of television adventures. Whedon says the script is “being outlined” and there’s a lot to work with considering the sheer size of this project. IT’S MAHOOSIVE. We got a Thor and a Captain America to get out of the way first, which leaves plenty of time to choose Diora Baird for the Scarlet Witch. Yes, do that right now, you hear me? I only say this as she’s played a Wanda before, and I liked that very much.

Hey Lil Wayne fans!

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Hey Lil Wayne fans, you’ve probably been linked here whilst looking for Lil Wayne’s blog about LeBron James. Months ago we wrote a review about the Weezy documentary movie and apparently that’s enough for us to be high on the google search engine.

We apologise for wasting your time, we know very little about basketball and even less about movies. Why not stick around anyway, one day we’ll be famous and you can be all “I totally disagreed with that dudes opinion when he was a nobody, what a cunt”.


Greenberg (Stiller, Baumbach, Murphy… HIPSTERTASTIC!)

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The king of twee indie movies is back! I of course refer to myself, as the number one consumer of the “side project” movie of famous acting stars. I’m an officianado of “that indie movie”, the movie you see the poster for but never think to download, rent or buy. I live for the low budget, deep thinking movie that has words like “whipsmart” and “thoughtful” accredited to them by hipster bloggers who don’t grasp english words like what I does.

Greenberg is Ben Stiller’s “side project” and if you’re being cynical about it, can also be credited as his “going serious” role. It does have a great deal more star status however; the screenplay is based on a story by Jennifer Jason Lee (who has a bit part in the movie) and adapted to screen by Noah Baumbach who wrote The Life Aquatic and Fantastic Mr Fox… which makes him a bonafide genius, right? The movie is also scored by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem fame, one of my favourite bands. I’m pretty sure this movie was aimed directly at me!

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Jumpin’ on the ole’ GL Bandwagon

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Entertainment Weekly’s latest cover has made sure the internet’s going bananas for this, and by rights, as a massive Green Lantern fan, I should have a right ole stonker over this. BUT I DON’T. Why? Well look at it.

Why is he covered in illuminated green salmon slices? I’m up for eyemasks that ensure nobody recognises the rest of your face, but prolonged wear of this suit suggests within an hour he’s stunk out the Halls of Oa, to the point not even conventional carpet shampoo will solve it. FISHEH!