Other things we may have missed, and, on reflection, we really really did.

So a lot happened in our small hiatus. Babies were born, minds exploded and pork was eaten. That’s major, I assure you. So, what did we miss? Let’s see….

Yeah, goes without saying really….onward, and bring her on board….

Remake faces! The trailer for the rehash of Let The Right One In unveiled, and we found out it’s name to be Let Me In. We discovered this at the end of the trailer, which makes our intellect mightier than a conventional human being. Directed by Matt Reeves and starring Kick AssChloe Moretz, it looks like it’s headed for the shot for shot route, and executed nowhere near as elegantly as the original. Still, we don’t need to start going on about how the remakes need to stop again, do we? Trailer up.

Next is The Green Hornet. OH GOD. Years ago, Kevin Smith was mooted to meddle with this, and after reading the latest comic series he’s scribed for Dynamite Comics of The Hornet before seeing this trailer, I got to say that I really wished Smith’s vision made it on screen. This looks dire to the Nth degree. I don’t care who’s in it, I already feel like Ive seen it four times due to it’s predictability. No rush to see this.

Word on the street is that M Night Shyalamanabamalabamallamabananaman’s version of The Last Airbender is the worst film released this year. Well, let’s be honest, what the hell were you expecting?

Ridley Scott has a new idea for a movie where people use Youtube to upload film clips of themselves doing stuff they do on a daily basis. He will then select a few that will be cut into his documentary. Blammo‘s ruled out as between all the authors, a masturbation count like that should never ever be filmed.

A British actor by the name of Andrew Garfield has landed the role of Spider Man/Peter Parker for a movie called Untitled Spider Man Reboot. It’ll never, ever catch on.

Another word of mouth, and one that I’ll hopefully discover at the weekend when I announce to all the queueing Twi-hard-ons in the line next to me that I’m on Team Predator, is that Predators is really good. Not anywhere near the classic Arnie/Weathers/Ventura epic, no one has drawn a comparison to Predator 2, and it’s way better than both instalments of AVP. Which..isn’t…difficult…Come on weekend!

The production of the next instalment of James Bond has been shelved, thanks to MGM and a moth eaten wallet. Guys, we’ll do it for cheap, and when you see what a truly godsmashing job we’ve done on that, let us have a crack at The Hobbit, because that’s going down the pan too. Look, we’ll even have a bit of a whip round too to get the £38.40 needed for one car explosion, we can’t ask fairer than that!

That’ll do for now. I’m going to toast my return to inane blog posts. Hail.

2 Responses to “Other things we may have missed, and, on reflection, we really really did.”

  1. GW Paperstacks Says:

    I’ve no interest in the Predator movie, the franchise has been rehashed so many times that even good things make me cringe in memory of how so many hacks fucked it up before. I’ve been happily reading every review I happen upon and from what I can gleam its more predictable jungle based shenanigans that will be predictably loved by action plebs and given the big “mehh” by nerds who know to much about Predators.

  2. I’m surprised to say I have no interest whatsoever either… but fuck it – I’ll go see it anyway. Anyone on Orange for some Orange Wednesday funz?

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