What is this please?

Hi there. Welcome life back to Blammo. It takes something like this to get us here.

This, is apparently a promo shot of Jason Mamoa as Conan. CONAN. Y’know, Conan? Big hulking Cimmerian barbarian? Arnie played him twice and near enough looked like he’d genuinely lay the hurt on. What the hell is this guy playing at? Cosplay Enthusiast Nominee 2010? Crom’s shitting in his mighty etheral wrathboots of the monkey.

I should reserve judgement, blah de blah, until I actually see it moving, but positive interest needs to happen first, and this airbrushed shot from last months “Be A Photoshop God” magazine ain’t doing a lot for me. Not even that strapped ham on his legs can raise an eyebrow.

See a bigger shot over at Geek Tyrant. And I mean it’s freakin huge.

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