Another comic adaptation comes to the screen in the form of Red, a three issue mini series written by Warren Ellis, which was released in 2003. This is a bit odd, as the original story focused on one man, Paul Moses (who will be played by Bruce Willis here). Moses is a retired black-ops agent of the CIA, and holds many secrets from within the organisation. He communicates to a handler on the telephone and sends letters to his niece. Other than that, he is all alone. He is ordered to be assassinated to prevent any of these secrets coming to light, and Moses continually fights for his life until he finds out who gave the order.

The movie, however, changes all that and makes Moses part of a group of retired agents, all with the same information, and all on a hitlist. I’m happy with that. Why? Helen Mirren on a damn machine gun turret. And that’s Ellis approved. It’s a major change to the original series, but ultimately can work out for the better. Why not, it worked for Wanted, and Kick Ass. The casting is great, Willis, Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Karl Urban (for he is so urban), John Malkovich, Mary Louise Parker and to be honest, I’d rather see more films like this greenlighted, as it shows there is a side to comics that doesn’t totally involve a crappy costume. Anticipated, I say thee yay.

2 Responses to “Red”

  1. GW Paperstacks Says:

    It might have worked out for Wanted and Kick Ass financially but Kick Ass was terrible compared to the comic, I’ve not read Wanted but the film was total balls.

    I’m all for this movie, it looks a bunch of fun but why not just do a movie based on comics with the writers blessings then the crappy movie that follows won’t forever tarnish the comics name. Its not like anyone knows what Red is in the first place, calling it “pensioner assassins” and having that same trailer would have the same effect.

  2. Wanted the movie is miles apart from the comic world, which is a shame as a character of Shitface encasing his victims with his own matter (shit, funnily enough) would make excellent vie..yeah okay.

    I wouldn’t put it past Ellis to call something Pensioner Assassins.

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