The Avengers news you all knew months ago!

Only it got made official about 20-30 minutes ago. Joss Whedon announced at the San Diego Comic-con, that he is proud to be a part of a badly kept secret directing The Avengers. Rumoured for months on end, and everyone knew it was pretty much a damn deal done before this announcement, Whedon will be in control of Robert Downey JR‘s Iron ManChris Evan’s Captain America, Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor, Nick Fury by Sammy L Jackson and The Hulk played by Edward…no lets not go there shall we….

There’s no idea who else will be on the Marvel superteam, but really now, with Whedon involved, I wouldn’t rule out Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau or a few other faces from the Whedon back catalogue of television adventures. Whedon says the script is “being outlined” and there’s a lot to work with considering the sheer size of this project. IT’S MAHOOSIVE. We got a Thor and a Captain America to get out of the way first, which leaves plenty of time to choose Diora Baird for the Scarlet Witch. Yes, do that right now, you hear me? I only say this as she’s played a Wanda before, and I liked that very much.

One Response to “The Avengers news you all knew months ago!”

  1. […] top of the Avengers news a few days back, it should be noted that Mark Ruffalo (he’s so buffalo?) has clinched the Hulk/Banner crown […]

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