Tron: Legacy (again)

Comic-Con always keeps on giving when it’s running. Well it doesn’t give to me. Have you even seen those Galactus hats?! Give me one now! NOW! And now, to the point. First megabuzz of the con was the Tron: Legacy panel and the unveiling of the latest trailer to make you all sick to your stomachs of how smart it looks and how it’s not available to you until December. According to reports of the panel, and has now made me feel old, is that not a lot of people even knew that Tron existed and that this was a new movie entirely. These same reports have eyewitness accounts of these people hogtied to lightcycles and driven down Hall H, until they were aware that there’s more to Jeff Bridges other than The Dude and Starman. There was the Fabulous Baker Boys too. You crazy!

Trailer then. The trailer that didn’t really make anyone cheer a great deal. Amazement, or ignorance?

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