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Skyline?! Are you…

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No. No, you look much better than petrol station blockbusters. But, like most things, you’re teasing my loins with your whole “look, Hawking said, DONT TRY AND TALK WITH ALIENS and whaddya go and do…” Consider me interested, but if you mention at least one Bill Pullman-esque morale speech for humanity, then we’re gonna have to play rough. I especially like the end of this trailer. Little bit “ooooh” I thought. Check it!

Something For The Weekend: Darth Schwarzenegger

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All hail minimalistic postings! This is only because I really need to settle down and watch more movies. Please, laugh away at that rare beast that is a funny mash-up video.

What a Boo Boo

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Positioning…..tagline…..yeah, this is quite wrong isn’t it?


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We heard that this was actually existed on the weekend and threw our collective drinks down in disgust. Some might say we had a drunken scoop and nothing to follow it up with or write about it with other than a borrowed pen and a napkin from the bar and another round of spirits. But, lo and behold, chaps and chappettes, it’s our unfortunate honour to introduce you to your newest petrol station top seller….

Titanic II: it throws out the tragedy strewn love story, all elements of truth, possibly even icebergs and replaces it with a new modern day setting and a hundred percent dramatic action. See for yourself.

So remember to pick it up next time you fill up your tank with the ole’ unleaded. I can’t wait for whatever’s next. Fingers crossed it’s a sequel to Independence Day called Day Of Independence. I HOPE, I DREAM.