Turbo Review Round Up

I’m so damned lazy that sometimes I struggle to even hit the auto spell correct button on a blog… never mind actually write stuff.

However The DVS is away moving house so in a moment of weakness I thought it best to do an article or something to keep the ball rolling or whatever.  However laziness dictates I have to keep it short and weak at best (so I don’t get asked to do anything more regular) so here’s a turbo review round up of the films I’ve seen over the last few months:


Super low budget sci-fi by the guy who brought us Batman Dead End.  Sitting somewhere between Pitch Black and Enemy Mine it lacks the charm of either.


Watchable spy thriller starring Angeline Jolie.  SIlly moments make it feel like a series six 24 episode at times and a cool bike chase betrays the fact it was clearly written with Tom Cruise in mind.  Bourne has raised the bar though so even the lovely Angelina cannot save it from ‘meh’ status.

The Expendables

No way as good as it should have been but still rather watchable for the amazing chemsitry between Sly and Statham.  Needed a better script, more Jet Li, more Lundgren and less Mickey Rourke soul searching and lengthy explosions at the end.

Toy Story 3



Exactly what science fiction summer block busters should be like.  Take heed Spielberg.

Karate Kid

Actually not bad.  Kinda silly that the Drunken Master manages to teach the Son of Fresh prince how to do spinning fly kicks and the splits in two weeks though…

The Road

Christ that’s a depressing film

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

A glorious mess.  I loved it.

There we go.  Aren’t I good to you?

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