Scott Pilgrim & The Blammo Adventure

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is the movie adaptation of a 6 part comic series by Bryan Lee O’Malley, which lets face it nobody had ever heard of before it was picked up by Edgar Wright and made into a movie! It stars Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim who falls in love with a cute girl and has to battle her seven evil ex’s to win her heart… no really thats what it’s about.

Full disclosure before we kick off, I’m gay for Michael Cera (no homo). I’ve been reading a lot of comments recently (not on here obviously, we don’t get any comments aside from rants from butthurt assistant directors and drunks.) and I’ve noticed a trend I just didn’t see coming… You people hate Michael Cera! I don’t understand?! I’ve been a fan since he first explained what a “mayonegg” was in Arrested Development, I’ve seen most of his stuff since then and whist Year One was pretty much the worst movie I’ve ever seen,  I can’t really put the blame on Cera and it certianly wouldn’t stop me from enjoying any other Micahel Cera projects.

Blammo first heard about Scott Pilgrim vs the World from director Edgar Wright who’s twitter feed is a constant source of entertianment… well not for me, I’ve not enjoyed any of his films but then I guess thats why I don’t contribute to a film blog or claim to know anything about movies. Naturally I assumed Simon Pegg would be shoehorned into the lead and dismissed the entire thing (yes I don’t like Simon Pegg either, fuck you I don’t have to explain myself, look at his face). I was pleasently suprised however when the early trailers were released and the entire cast was made of people who I genuinely enjoy, I have been banging on about Mary Elizabeth Winstead for years now, I always enjoy movies with any of the Culkins in them and I have a special place in my heart for Aubrey Plaza. To top it all off  Michael Cera in the lead role and just to make it even more special Jason Schwartzman! (If Cera wasn’t so dreamy Jason Schwartzman would be my number #1 man crush (still no homo)).

I freaking love this movie, I know I often mention in my reviews how a movie seems to be “made for me” well Scott Pilgrim vs the World is one of them movies, it was somewhere in the middle of a scene in which a monster made of Bass guitar feedback battles a two headed dragon made from synthisisers that I realised I was watching something special! Allstar cast aside (who are all very good in this movie even if they are all cast well within their respective range) what we’re dealing with is a movie about the romantic insecurities of a introvert with extroverted tendencies (Jung typology students know the deal!) that manifest themselves as violent battles with “boss” style characters featured in videogames from the 90’s (ITS A METAPHOR!), also there are some Asian chicks and features music by Beck. FUCK YES! Seriously if I know you and that description didn’t appeal to you then I don’t want to be your friend anymore becuase you’re a douchebag and I don’t want to have to explain why the above is awesome.

Visually Edgar Wright’s style has found a home in this genre that didn’t exist until he created it. His choppy style of dialogue editing, which had really started grating on me by Hot Fuzz, totally fit the mood of Scott Pilgrim but he also manages to slow the pace down now and then for some pretty romantic scenes without them feeling like they’ve been taken from a different movie. There are also scenes that I would categorise very much positively as Gondrey-esq, well crafted scenes seem to just fold into one another seemlessly through clever editing and I assume some physically moving sets. If there is a negative to this style then it’s that quite a lot has been squeezed into such a small space, you will be forgiven if you don’t actually get why Scott Pilgrim is fighting for Ramona, she never actually comes across as girlfriend material aside from being really really (REALLY) hot. You will also be forgiven for not actaully caring because you’re left with a full on audio and visual assult of which we won’t see the likes of again and if we do then you can declare it a ripoff and instantly hate on it.

One Response to “Scott Pilgrim & The Blammo Adventure”

  1. Having finally watched it I pretty much agree with all of the above, even Michael Cera who i’ve not really liked before. Ah crap this is a positive comment, ill think of some negatives and post again.

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