OMGOMGOMGOMG says someone, you might say different…

As I’ve been thinking about what to talk about on my returning post (which will be a massive wad. Of text. Not wangers. Although it might be, depending on your eyesight), due to my mighty offline hiatus, it’s only fitting to continue the current trend of typing some breaking news I’ve just read on Twitter. Here it comes.


There you go. Carry on with your masturbations.

5 Responses to “OMGOMGOMGOMG says someone, you might say different…”

  1. GW Paperstacks Says:

    woo, moderately talented director who can’t keep my attention is any of his flicks is directing yet another fucking Superman movie… my excitment, it can barely be contained… yay.

  2. As one of the few defenders of the admittedly weak assed Superman Returns (loved the first half, hated the second) this has me in two minds: 1) I’m happy they’re trying again with Supes and 2) Snyder? Really?

  3. GW Paperstacks Says:

    I don’t get why anyone would want to see another Superman movie though!

    Lets say for example we were talking about Robocop. Great original concept, first film is fantastic, following movies get steadily worse and worse. 10 years later someone says they’re making a TV show about Robocop’s day to day living in sunny Detroit, it goes on for about 5 seasons too long, 5 years after that someone comes out and says, hey I’m making a show called “roboville Detroit” a tongue in cheek look at the OCP origins (I’d actually watch this), it also goes on for far to long. In the meantime someone has “remixed” the origins of Robocop and made another movie that started well but was pretty terrible overall and all whilst this is going on they’re still churning on comic books with Robo vs Zombies and Robo vs Evil Robo.

    Then in 2010 they announce Zack Snyder a director with a sketchy catalogue is going to make yet another version of Robocop, how can anyone get excited for that?

    • I suppose for me it’s the same as Batman. Some hits, dome misses until they get the right director and KAPOW we get Batman Begins and The Dark Knight which are up tehre with the best films of the decade. Supes has so many really great stories it makes perfect sense to make them into movies.

      • GW Paperstacks Says:

        Firstly I don’t recognise Batman Begins as anything other than a comic book movie, on par with any other comic book movie as being throwaway fare for the cinema goer to eat popcorn to. Dark Night was great, the gulf in class between the two movies is huge (and for the most part dead).

        Secondly Superman is just a lazy storytelling device, hence why its used so often. Being a normal looking man who can do pretty much anything he wants, your only storyline hurdle will be when to make kryptonite a factor and how much to labour over how Superman feels so alone because he’s the last of his kind or whatever. Make sure you don’t cast Nic Cage and make the suit look gay and you’re onto a winner.

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