I KNOW, RIGHT? No, Green Lantern, I don’t.

Hello there, dear reader. It’s been a while since we last eyeballed each other, and I think it might have been because of you that I’ve taken this long to come back. But it seems during my absence, the muchly anticipated trailer for DC Comics’ Green Lantern hit the interwebs. Now, as resident comic book afficionado and huge fan of all things Lantern (yes, including paper), I would have liked to have joined in with those of you who pumped your fists in the air, shouted orgasmic cheers and jumped for joy as Hal Jordan‘s world sprung to life before your very eyes. Only after the initial viewing of the trailer, the only thing I had an urge to do was to cock my leg, fart, and sigh a little. Take a look if you haven’t managed to see it yet.


So what did we see? Yes, I think we’re all in agreement that the CGI is suitably iffy, and I’d like to think that it’s just in an early stage where all the finishing bells and whistles will be added in time for next summer’s release date. I’m not sold on the suit much, to which I still believe strips of salmon were involved in it’s creation. Salmon, Ryan. I KNOW, RIGHT?

And there lies another problem. Have they seemingly dumbed down the character of Hal Jordan? It’s making me question if Ryan Reynolds was indeed the right man to do this (and as we all know, it should have gone to Nathan Fillion), or if he’s been told to do a Downey and give a DC movie it’s own Tony Stark. Cocky, wisecracking, general smart ass. Good for fellow Green Lantern, Guy Gardner, perhaps, but not what I’d had pinned for Hal Jordan.

There’s something I believe to be underlying in this trailer and that it is quite possibly saving it’s best moments for the final product. What led me to believe this? It’s due to what little you see. Mark Strong as (inspired castingSinestro, Kilowog, the sheer scope of planet Oa, other Green Lanterns and no Guardians in sight! Yet we’re slightly let down again by the spoilerific viewing of Hector Hammond. I didn’t think trailers these days wanted to reveal some of their big bad guys, especially those with funny heads. That’s a shame as the Secret Origin re-telling of Hammond’s condition was superb.

In fact, the whole movie is loosely based on Geoff John‘s Secret Origin story, albeit with a slightly watered down and lightly sprinkled story for toy hungry kids. Don’t get me wrong, Green Lantern will do huge figures in cinemas next year, and I will see it because of my curiosity, but I think we’re all praying it doesn’t get shot down before it takes off. As a franchise, it can most definately be immense. Super powered space police fighting for justice across the cosmos? Who doesn’t want this? For it to work though, we need a little light.

Pun! Pun! I KNOW, RIGHT?

One Response to “I KNOW, RIGHT? No, Green Lantern, I don’t.”

  1. I get a horrible Fantastic Four feeling from this. It’s slightly less than inspiring when the fan trailer put together last year and starring BLAMMO fave Nathan Fillion blows this multi million dollar production out of the water but there is one vague grain of hope in the guise of director Martin Campbell (the only guy in the last 20 years to make not only one, but two actually decent Bond flicks). Let’s hope it was just a really bad trailer (let’s face it – the original Batman Begins one was terrible too)!

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