A sense of Dredd

I do like this picture of some guy’s Halloween costume. The dedication to make this Judge Dredd outfit look authentic must have been inhuman. Alright, it’s a little bit of a leather jacket, with a few painted shoulder pads and a big papier mache badge attached. Helmet, albeit rather mighty on the cranium, looks like it’d protect you from a hefty motorcycle bump. And that gun…oh that gun is a fine example of what can happen when you put down your game controller, leave Twitter alone and go play with some toilet rolls, paint and glue. Good effort, whoever did this!

Oh. It’s Karl Urban under there? Really? I’d never have guessed. What? There is a new film coming out to make us eradicate the memories of Sly Stallone mumbling URNOTHALAWIEMTHELAW at anyone who’d listen? ‘Scuse me? It will be written by Alex Garland (28 Days Later)? Oh my. Pardon? Sorry, that’s my mess, I’ll clean it up now. DREDD is the name and will be directed by Pete Travis! Pete formerly directed a few episodes of The Bill, which automatically qualifies him to handle lawmen of the future. And when I say handle, I didn’t mean it in a literal sense. You people.

And to continue with yesterday’s post: I KNEW (YOU’D SAY THAT), RIGHT?

I’ll get my coat.

One Response to “A sense of Dredd”

  1. Fuck Bones playing Dredd. Where’s Cowboys Vs Aliens?!?!!

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