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I KNOW, RIGHT? No, Green Lantern, I don’t.

Posted in Article!, News, Previews, Trailers with tags , , , , , on November 21, 2010 by The DvS

Hello there, dear reader. It’s been a while since we last eyeballed each other, and I think it might have been because of you that I’ve taken this long to come back. But it seems during my absence, the muchly anticipated trailer for DC Comics’ Green Lantern hit the interwebs. Now, as resident comic book afficionado and huge fan of all things Lantern (yes, including paper), I would have liked to have joined in with those of you who pumped your fists in the air, shouted orgasmic cheers and jumped for joy as Hal Jordan‘s world sprung to life before your very eyes. Only after the initial viewing of the trailer, the only thing I had an urge to do was to cock my leg, fart, and sigh a little. Take a look if you haven’t managed to see it yet.

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I Heart You, Old Video Store

Posted in Article!, Teh Awesome on May 18, 2010 by The DvS

It dawned on me recently, whilst talking to my wife about cheesy movie posters and stories from years gone by, that the only true way to see anything of the sort back in the day would be on a giant VHS cover sleeve sat on a shelf, gathering dust because you were possibly the only person vaguely interested in picking it up for a rent and some crazy entertainment with your mates. At a time when the internet was just one tube rather than a series, where digital purely meant Casio wristwatches and a download was a drinking game conceived by local hookers, there was one thing guaranteed to raise a smile within me, and that was always a trip to the local video store. Sadly, in this day and age, that feeling will never be experienced again. Continue reading