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Something For The Weekend: A NSFW animated short!

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You all love cartoons that swear and have vulgar content, right? If not, BYE! This one was really good at slipping past the radar. A while ago, The Pro was released as a one shot by Jimmy Palmiotti, Garth Ennis and Amanda Conner. It’s about a single mother who is a hooker and discovers she has super powers. She’s also very filthy, and shocks her new found super friends with little effort. The whole story was brilliantly crude, and has now had a few scenes from the book animated by Kickstart. I’m amazed they fit so much in so little with the eight minute runtime, and included some of the more outrageous moments. Thumbs up from me.

Repeat warning. It’s NSFW. Take heed, cross stitch lady!

Weekend Injustice

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Friends and enemies, I’m getting married this weekend. This is of no concern to our readership (now 8 strong!) as most of them will be at the do. But for the remainder that’s not, I’m leaving you with a sensational gift to tide you over until I return with my bride. Some day you’ll thank me for it.

The Justice League Of America TV Movie!

It’s not often you get an opportunity to see “the most embarrassing take on super heroes ever created“. Those that do definately come away from the experience a changed individual. Even a cat changes. But hey, wardrobe really threw in some gusto with this! If you’re a fan of JLA at all, then you’ll hate this, with all of it’s complete inaccuracies. If you’re a fan of Miguel Ferrer, then you can erase this from his resume. If you think the character of Ice is really hot (ice…heat…messy puddle?), stick around for a while, but that costume does not get any shorter. Part the first is below…should you desire to watch more, then I’m sure you can follow your nose for the rest.

Safe bet says not even it’s foley operator would admit to working on this. Famous last words though….

More Zombies!

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Yes, just what the world needs. More fucking zombies to pour on top of an already-overflowing bath of the undead. For example, today I noticed in a shop, today’s new releases featured a title called War Zombies Versus Something Irrelevant & Pointless. I may have exaggerated somewhat on this title, but it had military zombies in it, I shit you not!

Thankfully, at least commissioned for a pilot on American station AMC, is The Walking Dead, the long running comic created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore on Image Comics. Those that know me are pretty fed up of how amazing I find this series, and secretly wish to touch me in a platonic way as a way of thanks for recommending it to them as they’ve gone on to check it out themselves and loved every page they’ve read. Yet, there’s no denying that one of the most intelligent comics to be released in years is deserving of the show format. The story relies more on it’s characters, than it’s undead threat. Survival is a necessity, and how they obtain it whilst retaining morals and sanity is what I’d watch on a daily basis with no questions asked.

Frank Darabont‘s at the helm, as he’s another person who, according to reports, “gets it“. One can only hope so. The big wonder is how some of the series’ more graphic scenes (and I assure you, if you’ve not read it, they’re…graphic…) will be handled on television. Ah screw it, no it’s not a worry at all. Get this damn pilot going already, pick it up, entertain me, and don’t you ever dare cancel it. And don’t let Jay Leno on it either.


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As I compile my overdue listings for the decade as my cohorts have done so gracefully, I’m reminded that thanks to the festive bullshit that was on television, I’d missed this short that appeared on Sky’s Christmas schedules. Statuesque is a silent short, written and directed by comics scribe and novelist, Neil Gaiman, and stars Bill Nighy and Amanda Palmer (frontlady of The Dresden Dolls and Gaiman’s long time love). It’s described as “a love triangle between two living statues and an admirer who observes his object of affection every day among the Christmas shoppers, unaware that he too is being watched.” Another “be quick” moment with it too, as it’s also being threatened to be taken off the net to satisfy moguls.

Play Him Off, Noir Cat

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This is a beautiful noir style story,  The Cat Piano is brought to you by The People’s Republic Of Animation, directed by Eddie White & Ari Gibson and is narrated solely by one Mr Nick Cave. The Count can’t post this as he’s recovering from sensory overloads. Or fallen down some steps from shock of Noir Pussy.

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Small Screen Blammo!

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TV adverts are funny things.  99% of them are utter shit and if I told you how much money go into these then you simply wouldn’t believe me.  On the other hand there are the 1% that are genuinely awesome.

Now I know BLAMMO is a movie site but you get a movie director and a movie star and put them into a couple of adverts this good then I think we can bend the rules.  Right?

Spike Jonze and Brad Pitt being Teh Awesome in their two adverts for Softbank: LINK

P.S. One of these days I’ll get the videos embedded.  Now won’t that be something?