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Monsters: Lost in Transmutation

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There is a long held opinion around the watercooler at the Blammo offices and it’s one of the few things we all agree on, Monster movies should deal with the struggle of a few people instead of tackling the big picture.

The average armchair viewer can’t feel empathy towards the military man who single-handedly destroys the alien threat, but they can draw some parallels with their own lifestyle if the hero of a monster movie is a fat bloke who’s trying to save himself. Cloverfield was a fine example of this theory in action. YES! A monster was attacking New York, but what the fuck were a bunch of rich kids from Brooklyn going to do about it? Nothing! Instead of following a story about how a space alien was delt with by the military we had a movie about how a bunch of friends saved a really hot girl and attempted to get evacuated like everyone else.

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We should all watch more Indian movies….

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…or not, as this scene from Maghadeera lays waste to anything Hollywood has produced in years. Unrelenting action abound, you’ll be on your edge of your seat for the ultimate 90 second ride.

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We should all watch more Indian movies…., posted with vodpod


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Not much to go on, it’s just a small video from Neill Blomkamp (District 9) that turned up on the iPod edition of Wired. But when said small video shows something hideous and dead in a puddle, call me intrigued! I hope this to be a new movie, otherwise I’m questioning my local butcher’s sources.

Something For The Weekend: Darth Schwarzenegger

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All hail minimalistic postings! This is only because I really need to settle down and watch more movies. Please, laugh away at that rare beast that is a funny mash-up video.

Something For The Weekend: A NSFW animated short!

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You all love cartoons that swear and have vulgar content, right? If not, BYE! This one was really good at slipping past the radar. A while ago, The Pro was released as a one shot by Jimmy Palmiotti, Garth Ennis and Amanda Conner. It’s about a single mother who is a hooker and discovers she has super powers. She’s also very filthy, and shocks her new found super friends with little effort. The whole story was brilliantly crude, and has now had a few scenes from the book animated by Kickstart. I’m amazed they fit so much in so little with the eight minute runtime, and included some of the more outrageous moments. Thumbs up from me.

Repeat warning. It’s NSFW. Take heed, cross stitch lady!

Other things we may have missed, and, on reflection, we really really did.

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So a lot happened in our small hiatus. Babies were born, minds exploded and pork was eaten. That’s major, I assure you. So, what did we miss? Let’s see….

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I Heart You, Old Video Store

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It dawned on me recently, whilst talking to my wife about cheesy movie posters and stories from years gone by, that the only true way to see anything of the sort back in the day would be on a giant VHS cover sleeve sat on a shelf, gathering dust because you were possibly the only person vaguely interested in picking it up for a rent and some crazy entertainment with your mates. At a time when the internet was just one tube rather than a series, where digital purely meant Casio wristwatches and a download was a drinking game conceived by local hookers, there was one thing guaranteed to raise a smile within me, and that was always a trip to the local video store. Sadly, in this day and age, that feeling will never be experienced again. Continue reading