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Thor Blimey (again)

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If I got to be honest, this trailer for Thor poses more interest than that elongated Comic Con leak a few months back. Now I’m rather keen to see it, where as before I was rather in two minds whether I should take a toilet during Hopkins hamming up Odin. Watch, people.

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Transformers: Nothing like Pink Floyd. Shush.

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Dark Of The Moon? Really? That’s the best you could come up with? Sounds tragic on name alone.

Nevertheless, Michael Bay is back with his take on big robots who seem really crap at hiding. The third instalment of Transformers is on the way, and Blammo don’t half love a bit of robot on robot action. Well, personal opinon differs amongst us all, but even though Megan Fox has departed (SHAME, no really I’m serious, I love her. LOVE. A LA STALK), we still have those lovely little clunk click noises to look forward to!

We needn’t analyse anything here. There’s a situation involving the first men on the moon (not HG Wells folks. Sorry, run along…) and it’s clearly been covered up that they run into a Decepticon ship on the moon and potentially awake something that’s probably not going to do very well on the toy stakes unless it’s really cool in the movie. Don’t you hate that? Your big bad in your film is £3.97 in Toys R Us within four weeks of release? BOOOOO.

Tease us then. I enjoyed them clunks and clicks.

I KNOW, RIGHT? No, Green Lantern, I don’t.

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Hello there, dear reader. It’s been a while since we last eyeballed each other, and I think it might have been because of you that I’ve taken this long to come back. But it seems during my absence, the muchly anticipated trailer for DC Comics’ Green Lantern hit the interwebs. Now, as resident comic book afficionado and huge fan of all things Lantern (yes, including paper), I would have liked to have joined in with those of you who pumped your fists in the air, shouted orgasmic cheers and jumped for joy as Hal Jordan‘s world sprung to life before your very eyes. Only after the initial viewing of the trailer, the only thing I had an urge to do was to cock my leg, fart, and sigh a little. Take a look if you haven’t managed to see it yet.

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We heard that this was actually existed on the weekend and threw our collective drinks down in disgust. Some might say we had a drunken scoop and nothing to follow it up with or write about it with other than a borrowed pen and a napkin from the bar and another round of spirits. But, lo and behold, chaps and chappettes, it’s our unfortunate honour to introduce you to your newest petrol station top seller….

Titanic II: it throws out the tragedy strewn love story, all elements of truth, possibly even icebergs and replaces it with a new modern day setting and a hundred percent dramatic action. See for yourself.

So remember to pick it up next time you fill up your tank with the ole’ unleaded. I can’t wait for whatever’s next. Fingers crossed it’s a sequel to Independence Day called Day Of Independence. I HOPE, I DREAM.

Hey! Things happened and where were you? At a bar, I bet

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Or as we like to call it in the world of meandering ramble that is “blogging”, it’s a newsround. Is it me or did espionage get really tough these days?

First up…a tricky decision.

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Tron: Legacy (again)

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Comic-Con always keeps on giving when it’s running. Well it doesn’t give to me. Have you even seen those Galactus hats?! Give me one now! NOW! And now, to the point. First megabuzz of the con was the Tron: Legacy panel and the unveiling of the latest trailer to make you all sick to your stomachs of how smart it looks and how it’s not available to you until December. According to reports of the panel, and has now made me feel old, is that not a lot of people even knew that Tron existed and that this was a new movie entirely. These same reports have eyewitness accounts of these people hogtied to lightcycles and driven down Hall H, until they were aware that there’s more to Jeff Bridges other than The Dude and Starman. There was the Fabulous Baker Boys too. You crazy!

Trailer then. The trailer that didn’t really make anyone cheer a great deal. Amazement, or ignorance?


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Another comic adaptation comes to the screen in the form of Red, a three issue mini series written by Warren Ellis, which was released in 2003. This is a bit odd, as the original story focused on one man, Paul Moses (who will be played by Bruce Willis here). Moses is a retired black-ops agent of the CIA, and holds many secrets from within the organisation. He communicates to a handler on the telephone and sends letters to his niece. Other than that, he is all alone. He is ordered to be assassinated to prevent any of these secrets coming to light, and Moses continually fights for his life until he finds out who gave the order.

The movie, however, changes all that and makes Moses part of a group of retired agents, all with the same information, and all on a hitlist. I’m happy with that. Why? Helen Mirren on a damn machine gun turret. And that’s Ellis approved. It’s a major change to the original series, but ultimately can work out for the better. Why not, it worked for Wanted, and Kick Ass. The casting is great, Willis, Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Karl Urban (for he is so urban), John Malkovich, Mary Louise Parker and to be honest, I’d rather see more films like this greenlighted, as it shows there is a side to comics that doesn’t totally involve a crappy costume. Anticipated, I say thee yay.