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Thor Blimey (again)

Posted in News, Trailers with tags , , , , on December 11, 2010 by The DvS

If I got to be honest, this trailer for Thor poses more interest than that elongated Comic Con leak a few months back. Now I’m rather keen to see it, where as before I was rather in two minds whether I should take a toilet during Hopkins hamming up Odin. Watch, people.

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Enchanting Rumous

Posted in News, Rumous with tags , , , , , on August 26, 2009 by The DvS

It’s not breaking news in the slightest.  This is something thought up last night between the Blammo Gods and we’d like to share it with you.  It will fall nicely into our “Rumous” category, as either we’re starting one, or stealing a rumour that’s unbeknownst to us already been printed.  So, see that Diora Baird right?  Below, in your case.

Well, Diora has a Twitter page. One we follow religiously, because she’s in a secret shrine I have situated in the deepest part of my wardrobe a really beautiful woman and can easily lay a claim to being the funniest person on Twitter.  There’s another “lay” joke in there somewhere, but that’s for after hours.  Yet despite the hilarious vagina talk, she tweeted about a role she’d just auditioned for.  The role was for the Branagh helmed Thor movie, and the criteria was for “Pretty, but sturdy with muscle”. If you don’t know anything about Thor comics, thank heavens you have me here for I can only think of one character that matches her follow up comment of  “damn type casting“.  Might I introduce you to The Enchantress? Continue reading